Welcome to my insurance journey!

Have you ever been so frustrated you thought, "I am just going to handle this myself."?

I love what I do! I enjoy working with clients and carriers alike. I also like finding solutions to problems even if I am not the one handling them, and where insurance is concerned, I have found that I do it well. 

Thus, AEG was born.  

I sold health insurance for most of my professional sales career and loved it. When I branched out on my own, it was mostly to have additional carrier and coverage options. Adding different lines of insurance was not the plan, but life had other things in mind. In the beginning, I would provide referrals when clients would ask about life and disability insurance, but what I found was that the service they were getting was not near what I was providing as their health insurance broker. So instead of referring that business to others who saw my client as a transaction and not a client, I decided to study up and get appointed with other carriers. Adding value for my clients is my number one focus with AEG and I am excited to now offer health, life, disability, and ancillary insurance as well as preparedness products. I want to make sure my clients know they’re not just another sale,

Most clients appreciate that I am straight to the point – I will share the good, bad, and ugly of a situation however inconvenient it may be. Time is a limited commodity in my world so I do not waste mine or others. I’ve found that the majority of my business is referral-based, so I focus on relationship building and maintenance. Anyone can sell you a dental plan, you can even purchase a dental plan on your own, but I appreciate the trust my clients have when we discuss deeper topics such as life insurance needs for children, employee retention, or small business resources.

When I am not working I spend my time with my family. My wonderful, supportive husband and I have two great kids who could likely sell an insurance plan on their own. I skip makeup most days and get to spend that time going for morning walks with friends (sometimes clients!). Another passion of mine is Pilates, and pre-pandemic I even taught classes. I am absolutely blessed!

I hope you reach out, even if you only have a question about insurance, I am happy to serve as a resource.