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Separated From My Family During Hurricane Ida

It never fails, when I go to look for some miscellaneous document that should be at the ready – nope! Can’t find it anywhere! Whether it’s my passport, life insurance documents, flood insurance policy, it always sneaks away at the worst time.

Just a few weeks ago, I went to an out-of-town wedding and my family had to evacuate for Hurricane Ida without me. I finally got home, but to my Mom’s house; and while I was so appreciative to have a safe place to stay (with an operating sewer system, power, and the most importantly- the internet) it still wasn’t home.

To file a claim for roof damage, I had to dig and dig through years of flood and homeowners insurance policies. But then I remembered I recently learned about a company called Life Exec – they offer a program where all my important data and documents can be stored in one secure place which means no more hours digging for the plan documents or policy number. I definitely recommend utilizing them to help keep you organized. In addition to their storage benefits, they also offer a great product that allows for expanded health-related products, such as discounts on prescriptions, acupuncture, and medical equipment facilities, etc.

Feel free to take a look and learn more.

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