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Are you considering Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance?

Find my clients’ most commonly asked questions below

1. Does ACA insurance offer maternity? Yes! A provision of the ACA states that all plans must provide maternity and delivery coverage. This includes all plans so even if you are a male, your policy covers maternity. It can not be removed.

2. Do all plans cover pediatric dental and vision? Yes! They do, but only up to age 19. Parents can keep their children on a plan with them until they reach the age of 26, but the pediatric coverages expire at age 19. Many carriers do offer an adult dental and vision plan that can be added to your coverage. Luckily, many stand-alone dental and vision plans are quite affordable.

3. My medical history is not the best, can they deny me or my family members? No! Not for medical reasons. and ACA plans do not ask medical questions so all premiums are based on age, location, carrier quotes, and which tax credits are available (based on income). You cannot be turned down for pre-existing conditions or pregnancy status.

4. Are other options available? Yes! Many clients think that the coverages available in their area on are the only options, which is not the case. Term health and medically underwritten plans are also available.

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